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Experience with us

Our experiences will elevate your event with curated educational offerings for guests to enjoy. Whether delving into wine tasting, crafting artisanal cheese boards, or mastering the art of pasta-making, our experiences guarantee an enriching and interactive atmosphere your group is certain to remember. These offerings not only provide valuable and fun educational opportunities but also serve as an excellent platform for team building and corporate events.


Whether you are looking to create a beautiful centerpiece for a party, bring a thoughtful and delicious host gift, or you just really like cheese, crafting a stunning cheeseboard can enhance just about any experience. We'll show you all the tricks and tips to building a cheese board like a pro.

WINE 101

Learn all the important basics for appreciating wine--from how to read a wine label, to what kind of glasses to use, to how to store your wine, to food pairing basics, to tips on how to taste like a pro. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll walk away with new information and a deepened appreciation for the world of wine.


Join us for a fun and educational, hands-on pizza making class. We will cover everything from how to pick the best flour all the way to launching your pizza into our deck oven. Additionally, we will provide you great tips on how to make your own tasty pizza at home. Participants will have a chance to mix their own dough, stretch and top their pizza, as well as cook and enjoy some at the end of class.


We bet you didn't know you could make vermouth yourself (spoiler: it's way easier than you think)! Originally used for medicinal purposes, these days it is enjoyed in a variety of cocktails or simply on its own over ice. Dive into a guided lecture on the history behind vermouth and learn the classic components and steps for batching your own aromatized, fortified wine - we'll supply the ingredients, and you'll leave with a small batch of a hand-crafted vermouth of your own.


Channel your inner Italian grandmother in this educational, hands-on pasta making class! Be prepared to get your hands a little dirty – this class is truly hands on. Guests will hand knead their very own pasta dough from scratch, with one of our food specialists guiding them in the perfect proportions of ingredients, the different types of pasta one can make, and how to save a dough ball that isn’t quite perfect.


Learn to pull your own mozzarella curd! We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of turning curd into the perfect balls of fresh mozzarella. Be prepared to dip your hands into some warm water and to stretch and stretch again (but not too much). Your tomatoes are going to be very happy!

Oh, and you'll go home with almost 2 pounds of the most delicious mozzarella you've ever tasted.

Mozz 2.jpg

There’s no better way to stoke conversation than over a bubbling, melty pot of cheese! We’ll guide you in the magic that is fondue – from the proper cheeses and ingredients for the best fondue ever, to how to make it at home, to how to build a beautiful fondue platter with all the fixings. Each attendee will enjoy a bountiful fondue spread with wine pairings, and leave with their own fool-proof recipe to recreate the experience in their home.


Take your team out of their comfort zone a little with a sommelier-guided blind wine tasting. You’ll learn the ins and outs of identifying and describing the taste, smell, and aromas of a wine and try to guess what’s in your glass in the process. At the end of it all, split into teams and challenge each other to see who can more closely guess two wines based on what you’ve learned – winner earns bragging rights for the year!

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