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More than just a Menu

Just like our food offerings, our beverage list is created with intentionality and care – after all, we should all feel good about what the products we are partaking in! Create a menu that showcases the nature of your event, whether it’s a custom Manhattan cocktail for your retiring boss or the bottle of bubbles that you cheered with after your engagement. Our team of sommeliers and beverage specialists are here to help source exactly what you’re looking for to make your event as special as it can be. 


As a team of beverage afficionados with an emphasis on quality and flavor, you can trust that our list is full of some of our favorite producers. We’ve carefully chosen the products we feature to ensure there’s something for everyone.  

Beer on Event Table.jpeg

How lucky are we for the wonderful local brewery scene! Our rotating tap list showcases some of the best pilsners, lagers, and IPAs that Minnesota has to offer – covering everything from light and easy to citrusy and hazy.  


Cheers the occasion with custom batched cocktails! Whether your go-to is a dry martini or a classic old fashioned, we’re here to make sure you have your drink of choice in hand.  

Fruit Pellegrino6.jpg

The overarching France 44 businesses have always had a focus on family, so you better bet we have a wonderful selection of non-alcoholic items for kiddos and those who aren’t imbibing alike.  

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